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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The rose that shines,

The bright colours grow on the rose like the sun that shines on a rainy day.

The dark red colour on the rose is something

different than any other colour,

it is much darker than normal and it is much lighter than pure black,

it is the perfect colour for a rose and yet it does not satisfy others.

Their leaves are glossy and mid to dark green.

The rose that shines has thin petals

but a thick stem, like a tree branch that hangs.

A rose can hurt you with its thorns

And it can dazzle you with its bright colours

and endless petals,

And magical aroma

Its scent has something different than any other scent; it

is a scent that brings a natural beauty

to life itself.

The rose is seen by people all over the globe,

from city to city from country to country,

They all have different opinions about a rose

about how it grows and how it lives

in a world full of hate and injustices.

How it can be tortured for what it believes in

and it can be deceived into thinking other

than what it believes in.

The rose that shines people say; but

Does the rose really shine?

Do others assume the rose that shines

Is it different from any other rose?

Is the rose that shines different from the rose that cried and

the rose that dies?

A rose symbolizes love and romance according to google.

But can a rose not symbolize more than just love and romance?

Can it not symbolize a new beginning for a new future?

Can it not symbolize death or maybe anger?

Why does a rose have to symbolize love and romance?

Why can it not symbolize more?

People say a rose that shines is like a flower that blooms.

With its petals and colors.

But, how can you find a flower with the same colours as a rose?

How can you find a flower that has its thorns and its astounding beauty?

I don't deem there is any flower that can compare to a rose that shines.

There will be a time where the petals from the rose that shines will fall slowly onto the earth-like so must I.

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