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About Rivers of Hope

Rivers of Hope is an arts-based educational organization that was established in Toronto, Canada in 2018. Our mission is to leverage the expressive power of the arts to inspire young people to build classrooms and communities where everyone belongs. We also share practical information and resources to help people take action against racism, prejudice, and hate. Our goal is to connect teachers and students with quality learning experiences that empower them to tackle challenging subjects with compassion and care. Ultimately, we're here to inspire you and help you see that you can make a difference!  


Our story began with a Master's research project conducted by Sidrah Ahmad Chan on hate crimes against Muslim women in the Greater Toronto Area. After completing this study, Sidrah co-created a toolkit to share her research results with the public. The toolkit was called Rivers of Hope, and has been widely shared across North America.

After the Rivers of Hope toolkit was launched in March 2018, schools reached out and requested more information and resources. And so, the Rivers of Hope organization was formed, and we began conducting workshops in High School classrooms. Our organization has since blossomed into a dynamic program that has reached thousands of people in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. 

Rivers of Hope is a grassroots organization that uses an arts-based, inspiring approach to challenging racism, prejudice, and hate.

Photo by Sharmila B., Rivers of Hope Summer Programs Participant, Age 16 

What We Offer

As an arts-based educational organization, we use creative approaches to promote deep learning. Our engaging and accessible approach is sure to inspire and equip your group to take action against racism, prejudice, and hate.


We explore the concept of "Othering" and teach bystanader intervention against racism and hate.


We provide opportunities for youth to work with professional artists to explore the theme of "belonging". 


Our toolkits provide research, information, and practical resources for challenging racism, prejudice, and hate. 

What We Offer
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