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WE ARE WE by Angelica Sutton

How do we deal,

Deal with seeing our people being abused,

Physically, mentally, and emotionally,

Murdered at the hands of those who should protect,

Slaughtered by brothers and sisters,

Who sees us as the enemy.

By killing us is how they earn,

Their money, their glory,

Isn’t it funny?

Funny, how a person gets praised,

For taking someone’s life, someone’s grace,

Lord knows we pray.


We feel so hurt,

How do we let our family leave the house,

Without being worried,

Worried they might not come back,

Trust is what we lack.

Do they know,

Know how it feels?

Feels like, not wanting to wake up,

Not because you’re tired,

But because you don’t see a reason to,

Will we even live to see eighteen? Will you spare us?

Funny, how you can take our life away in a flash,

When you didn’t even bring us into this world,

Neither did you make us,

You're not God,

How dare you take that role?

Don’t tell us to calm down,

Don’t tell us who to be,

What to look like,

To speak like,

Or what to feel like,

What’s your deal?

You are not our master,

You don’t have power,

Power over us,

Power over who you view as less,

To you,

We are useless,

To you,

We are nothing,


We are both humans.

We are higher than you think we are,

We are we,

We are Kings and Queens.

The police don’t see us,

They don’t hear us,

They only fear us.

Yes, I’m speaking to you,

To you, Mr. and Ms. Police officer,

To you, Mr. guy in the neighbourhood,

That will not allow us to walk by,

Without giving a stink eye,

Yes, you ma’am,

That clutch your purse,

The moment you see us walk by,

Yes you, the racist ones.

The ones that judge us for our skin,

But, will not like it in return,

Open your eyes and be open-minded,

Understanding and Sympathetic,

Have empathy and remorse.


Black kids are dying,

Black kids are traumatized,

Our generation, damaged,

Our future, unpredictable,

Our voices, unnoticeable.


And they're gone,

But their blood stains the street,

Their happiness is remembered,

While their families grieve.

Young kids getting killed, aren’t we supposed to be the future,

But what future do we have,

If they are killing us.

I guess it’s the future,

You’ve dreamt of,

The one where black people don’t excist,

That’s so sick.


We are turning against each other,

We should be loving each other.


Us talking about how our lives matter,

Doesn’t mean yours doesn’t,

Some people just struggle to see that

Our lives matter,

So we have to yell,

Black lives matter.


All we ask for is Acceptance,

It’s what we seek,

Something we shouldn’t have to ask for,

Something our people have longed for,

Tell us, Are you listening?

Do we need to speak a little louder,

Just so you can hear,

We don’t want to yell,

Or else We’ll be called ghetto,

We are not ghetto,

We just need you to hear us,

Please listen!

We are not who you say we are,

We are more than you think We are,

We are we,

We are we.

When we apply for that job,

Will, you judge us for our skin,

Or our knowledge and capabilities,

Will, you judge us for our grammar,

Or our understanding,

Will we even be able to get through the door,

Or will we be judged before we get a chance to,

We’d be damned,

Damned to even make it to the interview.


We are all family,

Black or white,

Don’t judge me because of my skin,

You don’t know my story,

You don’t know me.


We are speechless,

How do we talk,

When our words don’t even matter,

What do we do,

When whatever we do is seen as,

Ghetto and Invisible.

Mentally, we are sick of it,

Physically, we are exhausted,

And Emotionally, we are drained.


Martin Luther King yelled, “ I had a dream”

Maya Angelo yelled, “And still I rise”

We yelled “ Black lives matter”

And all you saw was a bunch of maniacs,

A bunch of useless people,

A bunch of soon to be or already criminals,

We are not criminals,

We are humans,

We are not useless,

We are conspicuous,

We are, not, nothing,

We are one of a kind,

We are not ugly,

We are beautiful black people,

And we are proud,

We are Kings and Queens,

We are We.

We are We.

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