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WINGS by Anjuma Begum

As I’m walking around the neighborhood with my friend I notice something sitting on top of some plants, when I realize it's a monarch butterfly. Its spirited coloured wings spread across the lovely vibrant looking plants. The bright orange and dark black wings with little hints of white remind me of the time when my classmates and I found caterpillars and took care of them until it was time to let its magnificent wings fly into the air. This reminds me of the actual beauty of the world and how it's not always city lights or big flashy signs - it's mostly the little things that make it so much better.

Monarch butterflies have such a simple and elegant beauty to me. The last time I saw a monarch butterfly up close was in grade six, when I released it from its cage. So when I saw this monarch butterfly resting on the plants, I took this opportunity to take out my phone and take a picture as it was there. I could feel the smile on my face grow as I felt a little excitement. This may sound weird as I’m excited over a butterfly, but this was a staple of my childhood. When the butterfly flew away I was a little upset, but I'm hoping in the future I’ll be able to see a bunch more.

Growing up my sisters and I usually found hurt insects or animals in our backyard, mainly caterpillars that were soon to blossom into stunning butterflies or injured baby birds searching for their loved ones. Since we grew up with a lot of this, my sisters and I came up with the idea to start our “animal hospital” . Looking back, I think we should’ve had a proper adult with us when handling such sensitive animals, as we could’ve put the animals in more distraught with our small little fingers.

Today I mainly see white butterflies. I'm not sure what they’re called but I’m so used to seeing them everyday that it doesn't spark an exciting feeling in me. Don't get me wrong - the white butterflies are still beautiful and elegant but the only thing that interests me about the butterflies is the pure white wings that remind me of snow. One day I hope to figure out more about that butterfly.

When the pandemic gets better around Canada I hope to visit a butterfly sanctuary so I can learn more about other butterflies and see their unique designs spread across their wings and what is so exclusive about each type of butterfly. When I'm much older I would like to visit different countries and see what types of butterflies there are that you most likely won’t find in other countries.

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