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BELONGING by Ashleigh Waite

With frantic wave and a sad smile

I bid my father goodbye a while

Alone I left and alone I came

Into a new country my life was no longer the same

With my mother over yonder my sister a far

Alone I faced my challenges and things so bizarre.

I welcomed each day with a smile whilst not knowing the dark spell within

A feeling of loneliness and not fitting in

I never truly belonged, or so I thought

But with my tribe a scatter, I was thoroughly overwrought

For years it was just us four

It was never a lonely bore

Through thick and thin we live our lives

And comfort each other when problems arise

But then a new chapter was opened

When opportunity knocked at our door

Unfortunately, we had to separate and divide our little family of four

Luckily, our separation didn’t last long

As we slowly reformed our little throng

Simultaneously my loneliness went away

Whilst we carried on our day

My family

My tribe

My mother, father, and sister too

Are who make me belong

I rely on and cling to them even more

When we all made it on the Canadian shore

I love my tribe and I know they love me too

Our love is so sweet it will make you coo

We will always be together even if we are distances apart

As they are always with me deep inside of my heart

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