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Photo by Angelica S. 

Summer Programs Participant 

We help you build classrooms and communities where everyone belongs.

At Rivers of Hope, we empower youth with opportunities to envision and co-create welcoming and inclusive school and community environments.

We offer classroom workshops, summer programs, and toolkits that provide knowledge and skills around responding to racism, prejudice, and hate. 

Photo by Sharmila B., Rivers of Hope Summer Programs Participant, Age 16 


We use unpack the concept of "Othering" and teach bystander intervention against racism, prejudice, and hate.


We provide opportunities for youth to work with professional artists to explore the theme of "belonging". 


Our toolkits provide research, information, and practical resources for challenging racism, prejudice, and hate. 

We tailor our classroom workshops to meet your needs.
We have mapped out Ontario curriculum connections for a wide range of subjects, from Grades 8 through 12. 

  • 1. We Decode the Concept of "Othering""
    Our workshops unpack the concept of "Othering" as an entrypoint for discussing racism, prejudice, and hate. By illustrating how Othering works, we empower students to recognize common patterns that exist across many different forms of racism.
  • 2. We Teach Bystander Intervention Against Racism and Hate
    We teach the principles of bystander intervention for responding to racist incidents. We share a youth-focused approach to bystander intervention, emphasizing the importance of personal safety, de-escalation, and engaging with caring adults.
  • 3. We Host Engaging and Fun Theatre Activities
    We use theatre-based activities so youth can practice applying the principles of bystander intervention. And yes, these activities work well in online workshops! The theatre activities are often cited by participants as a favourite part of our workshop.
  • 4. Our Workshop Facilitators Are Awesome!
    Our workshop facilitators are the life of our program. They are selected through a competitive process and go through a training and mentorship process. Each facilitator brings unique passion, knowledge, and personality to the team!

 Bystander Intervention 
Theatre Activity

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Workshop Facilitator Training

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Photo by Triza 

Summer Programs Participant 

Our Summer Programs Encourage Youth Self-Expression

We offer summer programs that provide youth with the opportunity to work with professional artists and writers!

In our summer programs, participants use the arts and writing to express themselves around the theme of belonging. Participants receive feedback on their work from their peers and from our professional artist facilitators. Their final art and writing pieces are featured in our online gallery.  

Our summer programs engage diverse art mediums, including photography, personal essays, and poetry.  

What People Are Saying About Rivers of Hope

The workshop was very eye-opening. It encouraged me to look beyond my own race, culture and identity, and to be open and educated on others. Many of us face the same struggles and we could possibly all help each other in some way. 

Classroom Workshop Participant 

Age 16

I really liked the small community that was formed between us. The facilitators were very friendly and taught me and the others things like different photography techniques, and how to make a writing piece feel more emotional and real. Overall, it was a great workshop series and I am happy to be a part of this experience.

Summer Programs Participant 

Age 16

Thank you for holding space and for facilitating a wonderful workshop series. These things aren't easy to talk about but I think the youth really built a sense of trust and took chances exploring art and connecting that to the teaching you shared. Please stay in touch, we would love to connect with you again!!!

Newcomer Youth Program Facilitator, North York Community House







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