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Using the arts to build communities and classrooms where everyone belongs



We believe that empathy and compassion 

can overcome prejudice and hate.

We believe that the arts are a powerful way to build empathy, compassion, and mutual understanding as a direct counter to racism, prejudice, and hate


We harness the power of the arts to help young people reflect upon what it means to be cast aside, excluded, and seen as "Other".

We also provide young people with opportunities to express themselves about what it means to create communities where everyone belongs. 


Our workshops provide a space for young people to reflect on what it means to belong.

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In our workshops, we challenge young people to use the arts to envision communities and classrooms where everyone belongs.


In addition, our theatre activities help young people practice bystander intervention and become more confident in safely offering support to their peers if they are ever being targeted for racism, prejudice, or hate. 

Our toolkits share resources on how to respond to prejudice and hate with hope.

The Rivers of Hope Toolkit shares practical information and resources for responding to incidents of hate. With a focus on Islamopobia, it includes bystander intervention tips and options for reporting. 

Our work is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation's

Youth Opportunities Fund.

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